Top UI/UX Designs in 2021

Insight into the latest UI/UX trends

UI/UX Design Process, via Pexels

1. 3D Elements

It seems that some trends, such as 3D elements, are on the rise right now.

2. Voice User Interface (VUI)

VUIs (voice user interfaces), popularized by Alexa or Siri (sorry Cortana) enable us to communicate and interact with a platform via speech. It’s a human-centered design solution, and it can reshape the way your customers with your platform, once implemented correctly.

3. VR and AR

Could 2021 be the year in which VR, AR, and AI finally have their moment? We see more and more examples of successful VR tech that could open up new markets and shake up the world of design.

4. Dark Mode

In the past few years, the dark mode has become one of the most-utilized features in web/app design. It is praised for an ultra-modern look while being easy on the eyes, and on top of that, it saves a lot of battery life on mobile devices. When we first designed our CASI and Apego Wallet, we opted for dark tones.

CASI Wallet, a custodial digital wallet by The BlockBox

5. Mobile-First Design

With Google’s “mobile-first” algorithm update, we learned that the company prioritizes mobile searches. Google’s Bot primarily uses the mobile version of your site for indexing.

6. UX Writing

If you know your target audience, you can base your communication style around it; in fact, it’s advisable to use humor and many other means of informal communication to improve UX.

7. Outside-the-Box Visual Tricks

The leading trends right now are realistic textures, unique color combinations, hand-drawn visuals, soft shadows, asymmetrical layouts, and floating elements; some UI/UX design trends that are big in 2020/2021 include the use of eye-catching bold fonts, full-screen visuals, and blended graphics/images. Those techniques can set the right tone and look for your platform.

What Is the Best UI/UX Design Trend in 2021?

There are a few other trends that we haven’t looked into so far. Some include minimalistic UI, over-the-top product photos, abstract data visualization, logging in without passwords, air gesture controls, custom navigation, etc. Right now, it’s hard to tell which trend will take over the UI/UX scene, but the ones we’ve mentioned are certainly the biggest contenders.



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